DataStage and Connections

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data
November 2020 - present

Role: UX Designer, Design Lead

CATEGORIES: UX, interaction, design research
KEYWORDS: AI, data analytics, data integration, data science, data science platform, enterprise software design

As a UX Designer on the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data design team, I am currently leading projects that span across the DataStage and Connections squads. My work is guided by the question:

How can we create and enforce common design patterns across our platform, so that our users can connect to and work with their data in an intuitive and seamless way?


As an end-to-end data science platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data facilitates one of the most important steps of the data lifecycle—connecting to your data! Once users are connected to their data, DataStage enables them to move and transform their data.

The work of the Connections squad and the DataStage squad is tightly connected. Across these two squads, I am working to improve the experience of connecting to data—whether it be at the platform-level, or at the service-level. Connecting to data in DataStage and connecting to data anywhere else in the platform should be a familiar and consistent experience for our users.


Both the DataStage and Connections squads are working toward the next major release of IBM Cloud Pak for Data in Spring 2021.

Stay tuned for updates!

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